Sketches + Models

Quick sketches and models of creatures. Each creature represents a different sense.

Vision: A bunch of cameras, looking in different direction. Combining a layered screening on the front side of the creature.
Vision Touch: A pettable/huggable creature, which grows the more you hug him, and shrinks while is left alone.TouchTouchModel
Temperature: A creature which changes color when reacting to heat or cold. I think I will have on display next to it hot and cold laying areas. Tempeture Itch: I creature that spikes up as you itch it, and softens up when left alone.Itch Pain: A creature which runs away when being pricked. Sits on a hacked car, or hacked dog toy. PainPainModel02
Thirst: A creature which closes up when thirsty, and opens up when hydrated. Built on the basic concept of a humidifier.Thurst Hunger: A creature which opens up and asked to be fed. Built on a hacked coffee grinder.HungerHungerModel01HungerModel02
Taste: A creature that poops chocolate. Built on a hacked candy dispencer.Taste





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