Touch creature Doco

From the ITP spring show 2014 It’s Alive / Touch creature – Spring show ITP NYU 2014 from Talya Stein Rochlin on Vimeo.

Like Me

Big Screens ITP NYU 2013 Like Me from Talya Stein Rochlin on Vimeo. Videography doco by: Roy Rochlin Created by: Alexandra Diracles & Talya...

It’s Alive Thesis Presentation

IT’s Alive / Talya Stein – Thesis presentation. ITP NYU 2014 Tuch creature tutorial

Build your own Touch Creature

The following tutorial is a detailed, step be step explanation, how to build: 2 tentacles. 1 body to mount them together. 4 Servo motors to...

Silicon Experiments

I wanted to be able to see through the skin. It needed to be as thin as possible, in order to add as little weight as...

Two Tentacles

Main focus of this week is the mounting. Trying to figure out how to make 2 tentacles work together. If I can figure this...

One Tentacle

Now that I know I’m making the creature out of tentacles, it all feels much clearer. I sat down to draw a new sketch:...

Creatures Update

I’ve been working a lot on building this creature, and figuring out the structure. This is my first attempt using wood, hinges and strings....

It’s alive Midterm Presentation

Click here to see presentation

Week 4.5 Sketches


A little about my self…

TalyaStein2Born and raised in Israel. Moved to NY a year ago with my husband and big fat white cat. For the past year I’ve developed a romance with charcoal drawing and wax sculptures.
My back round is in design, photography, video and sculpture.
I studied graphic design in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in the class of 2008.
The response of the user is what most interests me, and hopefully making the user interact with each other.
My the good times roll 😉