Silicon Experiments

I wanted to be able to see through the skin. It needed to be as thin as possible, in order to add as little weight as possible to the motors. I made silicon using Smooth on Dragon skin F/X Pro. All you need to do is put some releasing agent on the plexiglass, and mix the silicon together 50% +50%. It takes 45 minutes to be fully made, and is super flexible and can be made really thin.
I made different thicknesses for testing.
65 7
With the remains of my material, I just spread across a sheet of plexiglas. It came out really well. Super thin, and very strechable.   910
Next I added wire in the center of the silicon, to be able to detect conductivity on the creature. I used wire rope, because I needed the wire to be flexible, and to have bad memory (that it wouldn’t bend).
IMG_5042IMG_5041 IMG_5043IMG_5045 Silicon Experiments from Talya Stein Rochlin on Vimeo. After all of this, I’ve decided this isn’t the right material for the skin of the creature. I feel like I’m hiding all of the interior of the creature. I really love people standing and figuring out the mechanics of how the creature works. For now I’m just going to leave the skeleton of the creature exposed.

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